Acrylics - Animals

  • The Wisdom of Animals; the jaguar says, "Spot on."
  • Animals
    The butterfly says, "Embellish yourself."
  • Animal
    The elephant says, "Create a footprint."
  • Animal - Flamingo
    The flamingo says, "Spread love."
  • Animal
    The frog says, "Take big leaps."

  • The agouti says, "Just be yourself."

  • The peacock says, "Strut your stuff."

  • The coati says, "Eat healthy."

  • The rooster says, "Hello" each morning.

  • The toucan says, "Observe."
  • Fish
    The fish says, "Swim upstream."
  • Lizards
    The lizards say, "Run at your own speed."
  • Parrot
    The parrot says, "Play it again, Sam."
  • Animnal - Toucan
    The wren says, "Love the children" and the bat says, "Listen to the Moon Mother."